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A Gay Drug Rehab Component in a Heterosexual Drug Rehab: The Best Of Both Worlds

Treatment Aspects of Inpatient Drug RehabGenerally speaking, a drug rehab or alcohol rehab is best described as an inpatient addiction treatment facility specializing in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and dual disorders. Most of the individuals that attend drug rehab go through detox initially, to be followed by the inpatient drug rehab portion of treatment which is clinically driven. Historically, everyone with a variety of disorders or sexual preferences are treated together and expected to adapt. I feel this philosophy is flawed and the expectation placed on patients might be unrealistic. In far too many cases, the issues patients bring into drug rehab or alcohol rehab far exceed their initial ability to just “fit in”. This is especially true with gay drug addiction and issues such as; internalized homophobia, coming out, gay relationships and a host of others.Is a Completely Gay Drug Rehab BestAs advances have been made in the area of gay addiction treatment and gay drug rehab, two distinct philosophies seem to have been adopted. The first is a drug rehab or alcohol rehab which is totally focused on treating the gay, lesbian population. This gay drug rehab [] only admits gays to addiction treatment. While this might prove beneficial for some segment of the gay population, it might not be realistic for others. Addiction treatment or drug rehab should resemble the real world and an entirely gay drug rehab is not the real world. It is not what the the recovering gay person will face after they are discharged from their gay drug rehab. They will be discharged into a predominantly heterosexual world and all the challenges associated with dealing with heterosexual prejudice, discrimination, homophobia etc.The Benefits of a Gay Drug Rehab ComponentThe other philosophy of providing addiction treatment for the gay population in a drug or alcohol rehab lies in developing an gay addiction treatment component within the drug rehab. This provides the gay addict or alcoholic with group settings specific to their population allowing them a safer place to discuss intimate issues they are not yet ready to discuss with a heterosexual. On the other hand, they will still be encouraged to participate in more generalized clinical activities with the rest of the drug rehab community. This drug rehab design allows for the gay person a “safe space” where they will not feel judged and at the same time allow them to practice what they have learned in their groups. To take things a step further, it will also allow the heterosexual to practice recovery skills such as acceptance, unconditional love and honesty.